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Dharma Deen Alliance will frequently pick one specific topic and explore the Hindu and Muslim perspectives on that particular issue. To help people find these more easily this page will list posts specifically written by Azeem and Ravi. To get posts delivered regularly to your mail box you can subscribe by email on the right hand menu.

May 2011 Women in Hinduism Part I
Feb 2011 Is Hinduism polytheistic? Multiplicity in the Divine
Jan 2011 Going Green Part II: Ecology in Islam
Nov 2010 Going green Part I: Ecology in Hinduism
Oct 2010  Shakti and Shakina: Divine Energy as Feminine
Sept 2010 Malcolm X: How a Muslim leader compelled a Hindu to sharpen his dharma
Sept 2010 Sri Ramakrishna: How a Hindu saint influenced a Muslim to sharpen his deen
Aug 2010 Fasting according to the spiritual path
Aug 2010 What is Dharma Deen Alliance?


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