Hindus & Muslims pray side by side
Hindus & Muslims pray side by side

While most of Dharma Deen Alliance‘s content are news stories on communal harmony, occasionally we will explore deeper spiritual perspectives on particular issues to illustrate our commonalities.  The list below are links pieces written by Azeem, Ravi, and other guest writers.

Coming Soon in 2019: Animal Sacrifice in Islam
Bali or Bhakti; Animal Sacrifice in Hinduism
Women in Hinduism Part I
Is Hinduism polytheistic? Multiplicity in the Divine
Sikhism and Religious Unity
Going Green Part II: Ecology in Islam
Going green Part I: Ecology in Hinduism
Shakti and Shakina: Divine Energy as Feminine
Malcolm X: How a Muslim leader compelled a Hindu to sharpen his dharma
Sri Ramakrishna: How a Hindu saint influenced a Muslim to sharpen his deen
Fasting according to the spiritual path
Purpose Statement by Azeem
Purpose Statement by Ravi
Introducing Dharma Deen Alliance

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