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Hindu Muslim Unity: Kashmiris come together to restore 80 year old temple

This Maha Shivratri, villagers celebrated the revival of an 80-year-old temple. This was in Acchan village, of militancy hit Pulwama district of Kashmir. The Swami Jagannath temple had dilapidated over the last three decades. Some Muslims and a Pandit family came together to restore this temple. The effort was made to deliver a message that the bond between two communities is intact.

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Shivratri: Night of Shiva

Shivrati marks the darkest night of the year where God is worshiped in the form of Shiva the Destroyer. Many Hindus fast throughout the day, chant mantras and the holy names of God, sing devotional songs, and bathe and make offerings to Shivalingam. The actual moment of Shivratri is usually around midnight, marking the darkest night of the year.

To observe the holiday also has symbolic significance – devotees worship at night to remove any spiritual darkness in their life and to increase their devotion.

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