Introducing Dharma Deen Alliance

Om Allah


Pilgrims in Haridwar
Pilgrims in Haridwar

The word dharma is Sanskrit and deen Arabic.

Both loosely defined mean “righteousness” or “path” – specifically the spiritual path.  A true devotee’s goal is following this path – not wasting time on petty issues, not rivalry about which religion is superior, not bothering with extremist ideology, or seeking converts. A devout Hindu must follow dharma, while a devout Muslim must follow deen. Dharma Deen Alliance is a website run by two aspirants on their respective paths to Higher Truth, and it will explore spiritual law, higher living, and devotional love.

Pilgrims in Mecca
Pilgrims in Mecca

In addition, Dharma Deen Alliance will counter the misconception that Hinduism and Islam cannot co-exist together.  Because of our South Asian backgrounds we’re especially bothered by the consistent focus in the news about violence between Hindus and Muslims.  We’ll share under reported news stories documenting unity between both communities . Working and living together peacefully with no quarrel, taking care of each others mandirs and masjids, and celebrating holidays and festivals side by side. And we’ll honor the lives of saints and seekers who worked to reconcile both paths such as Shirdi Sai Baba, Guru Nanak,  Kabir, Ramakrishna, and numerous others.

Read our statements:

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Salaam and Namaste!
    Many blessings!
    Rabbi Arthur Segal

    1. ravi1azeem says:

      Shalom Rabbi Segal!
      It means so much to have such high praise and encouragement. The Jewish Renewal community, especially Rebbe Zalman have been a great inspiration to me. We have only just started this website, and what we hope will blossom into something much larger (with G-d’s blessing).
      Thank you so much!
      Peace and Love,
      Azeem and Ravi

  2. Zahid says:

    You both have a great idea, wish you all the success.

    I would be interested in learning more about your personal friendship and how you overcome challenges of being the best of buddies and still holding true to your faith.

    1. ravi1azeem says:

      Thank you Zahid! We appreciate it very much.
      Yes, you’re right that discussing our own friendship would be an important topic to explore. I will discuss it with Ravi and see if we could write more on the subject iA.

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