Hindu Muslim Unity: Goodwill in Kashmir

Kashmir valley

Muslims have always lined up with earthen bowls of milk for their Hindu brothers on the annual festival at Khir Bhawani shrine.

“We have been making this small gesture of goodwill for our Pandit brothers annually. There is nothing unusual about this. It is part of our culture,” said Noor Mohammad Bhat, 54, a resident of Tullamulla town.

Devotee Chaman Lal is deeply touched by the kindness and love of the local Muslims.

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  1. xenOn_DSG1981 says:

    “There is nothing unusual about this. It is part of our culture…”

    Such pleasant & harmonic words. Common courtesy and goodwill perpetuated by those seeking to create & sustain a firm foundation of peace for current and future generations.

    I’m sure this was once reported by major American news outlets. On second thought…

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