Hindu Muslim Unity: Do Not Say I am Nothing

From Letters of a Sufi Master:
The Shaykh ad-Darqawi
translated by Titus Burckhard

One of our brothers said to me: “I am nothing.”

I answered: “Do not say: ‘I am nothing’; nor say: ‘ I am something.’

Do not say: ‘I need such and such a thing’; nor yet: ‘I need nothing.’

But say: ‘Allah,’ and you will see marvels.”

Another brother said to me: “How can one cure the soul?”

I answered him: “Forget it and do not think about it, for he who does not forget his soul (does not forget himself) does not remember God.”

So you are unable to conceive that it is the existence of the world which causes us to forget our Lord.

What causes us to forget Him is the existence of our selves, of our ego.

Nothing veils him from us except our concern, not with existence as such, but with our own desires.

If we were able to forget our own existence, we would find Him who is the source of our existence and at the same time we would see that we do not exist at all.

How can you conceive that man could lose consciousness of the world without losing consciousness of his ego?

That will never come to pass.


Read Shaykh ad-Darqawi’s biography here.

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