Hindu Muslim Unity: Many opposed to Ayodhya violence

Masjid and Mandir side by side

In light of the recent verdict regarding the Ayodhya controversy Dharma Deen Alliance would like to emphasize that Ayodhya’s local communities are for stability and harmony. The articles listed below demonstrate that forces in the form of hardline, fanatic organizations outside of the city seek to inflame tensions and create conflict. Click on the headlines to read the full article.

Hindus, Muslims come together for peace
Mohammad Habib of Jaunpur is reciting the Ramayan stating “India is mother of both Hindus and Muslims”. Similarly, people of Duswakalan have set an example by agreeing to construct a masjid and temple on a small piece of land.

Uttar Pradesh votes for peace on Ayodhya
A group of young people, Muslim and Hindu, furiously discussed the setback to business as a result of heightened security.“Let the decision favour anyone, Hindu or Muslim. We are done with the issue. And please, let us not have any more agitations or mobilisations.When the Babri Masjid came down, did any leader get killed? Did even one of them suffer a scratch? We were the fools who suffered.”

Ayodhya’s common people pray for peace
The fear of violence and subsequent disruption of life that may take place following the verdict, ties the city’s common man – Hindu and Muslim — in the common entreaty.

Ayodhya verdict: Muslim, Hindu leaders appeal for peace
Religious leaders and scholars of both the communities have appealed for peace and communal harmony.They also ask that communal harmony be maintained and to be weary of political leaders who would try to take advantage of the situation to serve their ulterior motives.

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