Sikhism’s 10th guru on Hindu Muslim Unity

Guru Gobind Singh
Guru Gobind Singh

The temple or the mosque are the same, the Hindu worship or the Musalman prayer are the same. All men are the same. It is through error they appear different. Deities, demons, Yakshas, heavenly singers, Musalmans and Hindus adopt the customary dress of their different countries. All men have the same eyes, the same ears, the same body, the same build, a compound of earth, air, fire, and water. Allah and Abhekh are the same, the Puranas and the Quran are the same. They are all alike, it is the one God who created all. The Hindu God and the Muhammadan God are the same. Let no man even by mistake suppose there is a difference.

– Guru Gobind Singh, 10th guru of the Sikh religion

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