Hindu Muslim Unity: Hindus help Muslims keep Ramadan fast

map of Bihar affected by floods
map of Bihar affected by floods

PATNA: Setting an example of communal harmony in relief camps in flood-hit Bihar, Hindus are helping Muslims keep Ramadan fast by sharing their meagre resources. “People, mostly Hindus are arranging fruits, sweets and dinner for Muslims keeping fast outside relief camps,” said Ranjeev, an activist in Saharsa district.

It is for the first time in their life that Sakila Bano and Halim Ahmad, who were forced to leave their homes due to the Kosi river floods, are observing Ramadan fast under challenging conditions at their relief camps in Bihar.

Sakila said that she along with others is keeping fast with bare minimum facilities and without tasty food, clean clothes, and a place to offer prayers. ”There is no arrangement to break fast after sunset. It is all at god’s mercy,” she said.

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