Hindu Muslim Unity: Kolkata families exchange kidneys

Kalpana Bhanja, a Hindu, and Saira, a Muslim, swapped their kidneys to save their husbands’ lives. This is said to be first ever inter-religion cross-donor kidney transplantation in India.

Harekrushna Bhanja, 48, was almost at the last stage of his life. Harekrushna was told that he had to undergo kidney transplantation. His wife said she was ready to give her kidney to save her husband’s life, but the blood group did not match.  It was almost the same story for the Sayeeds, residents of Cuttack in Orissa. Fortunately, both families landed at the same hospital at the same time. Saira, Sayeed’s wife, was also ready to donate her kidney to her husband.

Ironically, Kalpana’s blood group matched with Sayeed and Saira’s with Bhanja, said Dr. Deeepak Shankar Ray, the chief nephrologist at the Manjulaben Kidney Hospital.

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  1. The Divine longs for us to embrace each other as one human family. Dharma Deen is helping that happen! Thank You!

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