Hindu Muslim Unity: Muslim women perform puja

BIHAR:  They make religious lines blur. Nazma Khatoon and Hasanzado Begum both devout Muslims don’t think twice about observing a fast and performing other rituals of Chhath, the most popular festival of Bihar that is essentially celebrated by Hindus. The popular four-day Chhath festival, symbolising purity, comes after Diwali. Some Muslims have distributed fruits and new clothes to impoverished Hindu families.

Several Muslim families from Nalanda to Begusarai districts perform Chhath. “We have done it for nearly five decades. It gives us immense happiness to observe the fasts and rituals,” Mohammad Hussain said. “We are proud to be Muslim, we keep rozas (month-long fast during Ramzan) and celebrate Eid and wear the traditional Muslim skull cap too.”

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