Hindu-Muslim Unity: Shias assist Hanuman festival

Hanuman Mandir with crescent on top

LUCKNOW:  The Nawabs of Awadh gave land and finances to build temples while Hindus participated in the mourning during the month of Muharram. “The most visible example is the Purana Hanuman Mandir in Aliganj. A crescent over its dome symbolises Hindu-Muslim unity,” he said. It is believed that the temple was built after the mother of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan, Janab-e- Alia had a dream for its construction and devoting it to Lord Hanuman.

Water stalls which are akin to sabeels put up during the month of Muharram are set up by Muslims during the Hindu festival of Bada Mangal. Hindus also set up sabeels during Muharram to offer their reverence for Imam Hussain.

“We support the water stalls on Bada Mangal and our Hindu brethren put up sabeels during Muharram. It is the spirit and tradition of Lucknow. There is no religious discrimination. Our religion also stresses on offering water to the thirsty.”

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