Call for Muslim writers

interfaith harmony in Chennai, India

Our website has not had any major blog posts by Muslim writers since January of this year. Given this large gap of time the site is in serious need of contributors to prevent it from becoming too Hindu-oriented. Hindu guest writers are also welcome to contribute; but Muslim writers are especially needed to preserve the theme of interfaith unity.

Guest posts can be short or long as long as they cite scriptures and don’t contradict communal harmony.  Two priority topics that need to be addressed are Multiplicity in the Divine (ie. the 99 names of Allah) and Women’s rights in Islam. They can be written as companion pieces to their Hindu counterparts:
1. Addressing the topic of polytheism:
2. Women in Hinduism:

If someone is interested in writing but not necessarily on these two subjects, other possible topics include music/ghazals, the importance of giving to charity, scientific facts backed up by the Quran, treatment of animals, namaz, human rights and equality, etc. Suggestions are also welcome.

I also need contributions for our Twitter. If you have quotes from Muslim figures, short verses from the Quran or the hadiths, etc. that can fit as a tweet (140 characters or less) please contact me at the email below. Our Twitter has unfortunately become imbalanced with Hindu-oriented tweets for close to a year now.

Email  for further information. Let’s prevent our website from being discontinued – it’s not an Alliance if it’s just dharma and no deen.

Thank you,

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