Hindu Muslim Unity: similarity between Gita and Quran

On 9 December 2008 Hindus and Muslims shared Gita Jayanti and Id-ul-Azha. The two festivals appeared together to emphasise the fact that the ultimate goal of mankind is to get rid of all greed and affection.

The Quran says: Va Amelu-Ssalehate while and the Gita mentions: Karma-Nye-Vadhikaraste. Sacrifice is the only way to unification with god. Why these two festivals came together, perhaps, the Almighty is sending a message of mutual love and respect.

When Hazarat Ibrahim decided to sacrifice his beloved son for Allah, there was a great design behind it by the Almighty. Ibrahim was infatuated with his son and this infatuation was the only obstacle towards unification with god. When he decided to sacrifice his son and got rid of his ‘moh’, after long conflict with himself (Jehad) he found that the son had been replaced. The story conveys a simple meaning of getting rid of all your desires and affections so that you can carry on your duties towards God. This is the ultimate message.

The same message is conveyed by Gita, when Arjun refused to fight his own relatives due to affection, Lord gave him the ultimate tool of Karma-Nye-Vadhikaraste Ma Faleshu Kadachan. Thus, Arjun got rid of his inhibitions and ‘moh’ and went to war.

Both festivals convey the same message. It is high time that we understand the message and build the bridge of mutual prosperity and co-existence. Peace lies in mutual respect and happiness lies in sacrificing self-interest.

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  1. This is a very important message about sacrifice and what keeps us from our union with God.
    By the term “affection” here, I see you mean it in the sense of attachment.
    Keep up the good work. I look forward to you sharing more of these simarilities.

  2. HAHAHA says:

    See this. A muslim scholar Muhammed Hanifa Khan says – Gita is my way of life. He also accepts that Qur’an & Gita has same origins.

  3. harora123Ha says:

    In Bhagwad Geeta Arjuna was instructed to fight in order to save the society from having wrong rulers who were greedy and cunning. The duty of a kshatriya is to fight in purpose of having a safe and prosperous community. Thats why kshatriye were the ones trained to use weapons to fight in the the battle for righteousness (Dharma)

    what Quran instructs is to fight to convert others and believe in Allah not any other God.

    The basic difference is war to hold righteousness (Dharma) in the society or war for the religion or God.

  4. umanakka says:

    Which is right and which is wrong, we all know and natural a good and noble person will choose and follow the right path, extracting the good from any religion, that is all. Thanks and regards.

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