Hindu Muslim Unity: Baul musicians spread communal harmony

Baul musician
Baul musician

BIRBHUM: Traditional musicians in West Bengal, known as the Bauls continue to spread the message of communal harmony through their devotional hymns. Their membership is usually made up of Hindu bhaktis and Sufi Muslims. Since time immemorial, they have been educating people and addressing various social issues.

The Bauls who can be seen performing in trains, buses, on streets, in villages have in the past undertaken the mammoth task of spreading awareness about deadly diseases like AIDS and cancer through their songs and musical street plays.

“We educate people through our music. We, the Bauls, sing songs that have an element of devotion, an element of love, a message of belongingness,” said Gopal Das Baul, a Baul musician.

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A video explaining more on Bauls:

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