Hindu Muslim Unity: Muslims help construct Jain temple during Ramadan

Mahavira, founder of Jainism
Mahavira, founder of Jainism

Jainism, like Buddhism and Sikhism, is a separate religion from Hinduism, but this article is being shared in the spirit of interfaith harmony.

BIHAR: Muslims in Bihar’s Bhagalpur town not only helped build a Jain temple but one of them went to the extent of demolishing part of his own house to pave the way for the construction of the shrine.

“In the month of Ramadan, when a Muslim is supposed to do rightful things, I decided to help my Jain brothers,” said Akhtar. Early this year, some Muslims had helped in building a Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Durga in Bihar’s Gaya district. Muslims not only donated money but were also involved in the construction of the temple.Earlier, a Muslim had donated his land for a temple dedicated to god Shiva in Begusarai district. Mohammad Fakhrool Islam had given land for it in Muslim-dominated Bachwara village. Over three decades ago, in the same village some Hindus had donated a piece of land for the construction of a mazar (a place where a saint is buried).

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  1. platp says:

    The lies once again…buddhism , Jainism & Hinduism & Sikhism are 4 different religions…it is like saying my head, my foot, my back & my nose are 4 different people…& I just do not exist…and the noise is made so loudly that everyone has begun to believe that this loudly proclaimed lies by the mercenaries & robbers are the truth…
    This this the lies promoted by the christian & Muslim forces whose sole reason & mission for existence is to break up India & rape it just like they did Poland & then the Balkan region & annihilate all traces of Sanatan Dharma & Hinduism (which was a word coined by the Muslim invaders to lableble the people living in the area around the Sindhu river. The Christians called the same river Indus, called the people Hindians & the land India. Both could never understand the spiritual & ethical belief system of this culture that was more than a whole millennium ahead of both in everything, science, technology, business, education, administration, civic character, & was home to the best & largest universities in the world, some of which were bigger than the Harvard & Yale put together…that is why the first thing they did was to literally burn down these institutions of higher learning. The Muslim invaders burnt the varsities, & the library of one of them burnt for 6 months. The Muslims did it because they seriously believe that no other book must be in the world except their kuran. The Christians were smarter robbers…they could not get their less so,phisticated brains around the complexities of the ethics of t he Sanatan Dharma, & were such spoilt brats, that they refused to take any responsibility for their actions but had no moral issues to forcibly rob the other people’s properties & liable it their own. So in order to fake intelligence, killed the intellectual populations, the teachers, the gurus, the acharya, etc, bit off bits & pieces of the Dharma tradition, the lower ones, the simpler ones that their weak minds could underdeceiving lying, cheating & swindling & usurping into a highly evolved “science”. stand, put them together in a very ugly manner so that it could be vaguely like their “religion” & called it “Hinduism” & went on to make robbing, cheating forcefully taking over other people’s homes, lands, & even landmasses, into a sophisticated science form…they were the ones who are responsible for all the lies…

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