Hindu Muslim Unity: Ganga River brings Hindus and Muslims together

Gangotri, Himachal Pradesh

VARANASI: The holy river that is the lifeline of millions of people has emerged as an important “unifying factor” between the two communities. Hindu saints and religious leaders have been agitating on the ghats of the river in Varanasi demanding immediate and concrete steps to save the river. The Muslim clergy also feels that it has provided the community with a great opportunity to strengthen its bonds with the Hindus. “The issue of the Ganga is not related to any particular religion. Those who associate the Ganga with a religion are wrong.

It is an opportunity for the Muslims to come forward and take an active part in the ‘Save Ganga campaign’, ” noted shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawwad said on Friday. “There could not be any better way to demonstrate the Hindu-Muslim unity,” the maulana added. “If a Hindu takes a dip in the ‘holy Ganga waters’ for salvation, the ordinary Muslims also use the water for Wuzu (the act of performing ablution or washing oneself up before standing in prayer),” says Shahid Saleem, a trader.

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