Hindu Muslim Unity: real life Bajrangi Bhaijaan story

KARACHI:  An Indian woman stuck in Pakistan since she accidentally crossed over as a child has drawn attention as a real life example of “Bajrangi Bhaijaan,” the film starring Salman Khan that has made waves in both countries. Geeta was nine when she crossed into Pakistani territory. Personnel of the Punjab Rangers took her to a social welfare organisation, the Edhi Foundation, in Lahore. She soon moved to a home in Karachi.

After spending some time at an Edhi Centre in Lahore, the girl was shifted to a Karachi shelter where Bilquis Edhi, a philanthropist known as ‘The Mother of Pakistan’, named her ‘Geeta’ and became quite attached to the girl. The shelter home’s staff have created a separate praying room for her, adorning it with colourful posters of Hindu deities.

“She is a devout Hindu and has even put up colourful posters of Hindu deities, and an earthen lamp on the table,” Human rights activist and ex-minister Ansar Burney told PTI.

“This is the Ganesh that I got for her from Nepal,” Faisal said pointing toward one of the figurines.

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Additional Link: Facebook page on Geeta’s case

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