Hindu Muslim Unity: Nepali childhood friends of different faiths become blood brothers

Gani Ansari (in yellow) with best friend and groom Ram Narayan
Gani Ansari (in yellow) with best friend and groom Ram Narayan

NEPAL: I am Muslim and a journalist. But my Nepalese “blood brother”, or “mit” as it is known in our language, is a Hindu. Our friendship is known as a Miteri friendship – a special friendship decided by our grandmothers over 24 years ago as part of a unique Nepali tradition. These friendships were arranged as a way of transcending regional, religious or social differences.

My mit, Ram Narayan, and I were both five years old when our Miteri relationship was solemnised. Our grandmothers thought we looked alike and had agreed that Miteri relations between us would be a good idea.

We had to sit together and eat the same sweets from the same plate. It is believed that doing so makes the friendship long-lasting.

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