Hindu Muslim Unity: School kids and interfaith friendship

MUMBAI: A popular Facebook page ‘Humans of Bombay’ recently posted a picture which is winning hearts on the internet for its beautiful message. If you still believe that Hindus and Muslims don’t happily coexist in our society, this post will change your mind.

The post is about the friendship between three Muslim boys and a Hindu boy. Talking to HOB after their evening namaz, one of the boys says, “He’s a Hindu, but he still comes with us every day, after work, so that we can spend some time together. We pray for him and he prays for us – he even knows certain parts of the Quran by heart, and we’re learning the Gayatri Mantra from him!”

One can’t help but look with awe at their level of maturity. They have a message on humanity to the world too. “There’s just one person up there, and He listens to all, no matter where you’re from. If the whole world understands that, then wouldn’t it just be heaven on earth?” the post read.

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