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Lucknow gurdwara hosts iftar for Muslims breaking fast

LUCKNOW: Gurdwara Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji, Lucknow recently organised an iftar party for their fasting Muslim brothers and without a doubt, it’s one commendable show of inter-faith solidarity.

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Hindu Muslim Unity: celebrating Teej and Ramadan together


JAIPUR: The festivals of Teej and the first of the Ramzan coincided with each other after a gap of thirty years and saw people from the Hindu and Muslim communities celebrating the festivals with much love and peace in Jaipur. In Jaipur the festivals of Teej and the first day of Ramzan coincided after three decades. At many places Muslims showered rose and petals on Teej procession when it passed through Muslim-majority areas. Reciprocating in the same spirit, many Hindus chose to enjoy the special sweet dishes ‘kheer’, ‘halwa-parantha’ and ‘malai’ with bread during Iftaar.

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Hindu Muslim Unity: Iftar held at Hindu temple

kids of different faiths

kids of different faiths

KOCHI: People from different walks of life and faith shared a rare camaraderie at the Iftar organised by the Onam celebrations committee.

“This is an expression of communal harmony. At a time when there is rising disharmony among the different sects of the same group and between different groups, such initiatives come as an antidote. The fact is that devotion and religious worship are increasing as seen in the rising number of faithful in temples, churches and mosques, but at the same time criminal acts are also on the rise. As a solution such events which spread the true spirit of communal harmony is the need of the hour,” said Chammanam Chacko.

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Hindu Muslim Unity: chanting Quran verses and Hindu mantras at Iftar

AYODHYA: Cutting across religious lines, the people gathered to attend a unique iftaar party to send across a message of communal harmony, and all it took was one call from a sadhu, Jugal Kishore Charan Shastri.

His motive in his own words- “We have done this to send a message across that Hindu and Muslims are one. The people chanted mantras, heard verses and the Quran in unision. To help benefit others is the programme’s message,” says Urdu journalist, Aftab Raza. “Ayodhya being the centre of politics, it is most important for the world to know what unity is,” says social activist, Sandeep Pandey.

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Hindu Muslim Unity: Iftar at Krishnapura temple

Humanity, love and brotherhood are the core elements of religion. If we are truly religious and pious people we have to bridge the gap between the followers of different religions

MANGALORE: Administrators of Baikampadi Sri Sarala Dhoomavathi Daivasthana in Krishnapura and the youth wing of Jama’at e-Islami Hind came together to organise an unusual spread of brotherhood and peace.

Close to 300 Muslims accepted the invitation to offer prayers and break the Ramazan fast at Sarala Dhoomavathi Daivasthana. It was mainly restricted to slices of fruits and juice, but more than a sumptuous meal it was the spirit behind the gesture that caught attention.

At the temple, Hindus and Muslims promised each other that they would strive towards establishing peace. “Humanity, love and brotherhood are the core elements of every religion. If we are truly religious, we must bridge the gap between the followers of different religions,” temple president S Pramod Bhandari said.

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Hindu Muslim Unity: Indonesians break fast together

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

BALI: The island nation Indonesia is home to the world’s largest population of Muslims while Bali holds one of the largest non-Indian populations who practice Hinduism.

Hindu and Muslim leaders recently held a joint iftar feast at a palace in Denpasar on the Island of Bali to promote tolerance between their communities.

“This event is not only about eating but more about building interfaith harmony between the two religions in Bali in order to promote peace.”

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