Hindu Muslim Unity: chanting Quran verses and Hindu mantras at Iftar

AYODHYA: Cutting across religious lines, the people gathered to attend a unique iftaar party to send across a message of communal harmony, and all it took was one call from a sadhu, Jugal Kishore Charan Shastri.

His motive in his own words- “We have done this to send a message across that Hindu and Muslims are one. The people chanted mantras, heard verses and the Quran in unision. To help benefit others is the programme’s message,” says Urdu journalist, Aftab Raza. “Ayodhya being the centre of politics, it is most important for the world to know what unity is,” says social activist, Sandeep Pandey.

Watch the video:  Communal Harmony

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  1. Krishna says:

    This is very forward thinking, a good thing

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