Hindu Muslim Unity: Kashmiri Muslims help Hindu family in distress

SRINAGAR: Muslims in Srinagar found a way around curfew to help a Hindu family in distress. When Krishan Chander Purvi died in the sensitive old city on Wednesday, his daughter Anita knocked at the door of their Muslim neighbours, who came rushing to help the lone pandit family in the area. From informing relatives to calling police for a curfew pass to arranging firewood to taking the body to the crematorium, Muslims did it all. Scores joined the funeral procession of Purvi at Chinkaral Mohalla in sensitive Habba Kadal.

“When my father passed away, we first informed our Muslim neighbours. They gave us a lot of support and courage. Even when my father was ill, they would frequently visit to enquire about his health,” Anita said.

“Muslims and pandits have been living in harmony for ages. That is why despite curfew people came out in hordes to join Krishan Purvi’s funeral. He was an illustrious son of the soil. Had there been no curfew, nearly 50,000 people would have joined the funeral,” Showkat Ahmad, a neighbour, said.

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  1. love you KASHMIR…long live KASHMIR

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