Hindu Muslim Unity: Muslims dance in garba

JAIPUR: Displaying centuries old ethos of communal harmony through fun and frolic, a group of 15 people – 12 Muslims and 3 Hindus – all hailing from the Walled City are behind the city’s most enchanting Garba nights

Shakeel Khan, one of the organizers recounted, “In my childhood, I actively participated in organizing garbas in my locality. Here I am using all my expertise learnt from organizing the garbas from Mohallas to narrow streets. To maintain the sanctity, they have asked a Brahmin to perform the puja.”

Shakeel believes that taking part in garba  is part of the city’s shared culture. “Still in Walled city areas which has a mixed population you cannot differentiate between Hindus and Muslims even after playing garba for the whole night,” Shakeel added. His co-partner, Shashi Soni, came up with the idea of taking it to a different level by organising it at a premier location.

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