Hindu Muslim Unity: Hindus donate land for mosque, Muslims reconstruct temple

ASSAM: Hindus in Mornoikinar donated an 800 sq ft plot for a mosque. In adjoining Amguri, Muslims reciprocated by taking up a project to reconstruct a 73-year-old Vaishnavite prayer hall for their neighbours in Raang Chalihagaon, a hamlet of 12 Hindu families.

The gesture is all the more remarkable, since over the last fortnight, vandals destroyed a Kali temple in Dhubri town and damaged 20-odd idols of Vishwakarma in Bongaigaon district’s Jogighopa. The crumbling Namghar, a community prayer hall conceptualised by 15th century saint-reformer Srimanta Sankardeva, was established in 1939. On Sunday, Muslim leaders of the village, led by cleric Abidur Rahman, laid its foundation stone.

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