Hindu Muslim Unity: Muslims mosque donates land to construct Hindu temple


MALAPURRAM: A Muslim mosque committee and a Muslim family member have provided their land to reconstruct a 3000 year old temple just 50 meters away from a mosque. The proposal originated when the debris of an old Gowri Sankara temple, which was destroyed years ago, were recovered from a land near to the half-a-century old Hidhayathul Islam Secondary Madrasa a few weeks ago.

One of the temple committee members, Dasan Kottaykulam, said: “All the members from the Hindu community are happy for the kind consideration shown by the Muslim community.” For the past 300 years, no worship has taken place at the temple, which is in a dilapidated condition. Now, the mosque authorities have handed over the land to us and we will soon start the reconstruction and modification work, Dasan added. Villagers can now listen to the prayer calls from the mosque and chanting of Vedas from the temple at the same time during the holy month of Ramzan.

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