Hindu Muslim Unity: feasting together on Diwali and Eid

feasting on holidays
feasting on holidays

KASHMIR: Kashmiri Pandits to invite their Muslim brethren to feast with them during this and other major Hindu festivals. Likewise, Muslims entertain their Hindu neighbours during their festivals, especially on Eid.

“We organised Eid and Diwali Milan on the same day to give a message to the outside world that we are still together and we will be together, no matter what,” Tickoo told Khabar. “Our Muslim friends and neighbours visit our homes and we celebrate the festival together. During Eid, we too visit our neighbours and share the food together.” Srinagar resident Shaban Mohammad told Khabar that local Muslims take part in every non-Muslim festival. “We have political uncertainty in Kashmir, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t take part in the non-Muslim festivals. Every year, I visit homes of Kashmiri Pandits and even Sikhs during their festivals,” he said.

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