Hindu Muslim Unity: paying tribute at mausoleum

MADHYA PRADESH: Madhya Pradesh exhibits a diversity of cultures and the bond that exists between people of different faiths. One such example comes from the mausoleum of Sultan-e-Malva, situated in Raisen district , about 55 kilometers from Bhopal. It attracts devotees belonging to different faiths, not only from the state but also from different parts of the country and from across the world. Sultan-e-Malwa was the maternal nephew of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti.

Muhammad Zakir, a shop owner near the Darhah told ANI, “People of different religions, be it Hindus or Muslims come here. All the devotees are guests of baba and thus they are our guests too. We serve them. They buy flowers, holy chadars and prasad from us.”

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