Hindu Muslim Unity: Muslim scholar says Quran and Gita compliment each other

Gita and the Quran are complementary to each other and several principles laid down in both the sacred books are surprisingly similar, noted Sanskrit scholar Dr Mohd Hanif Khan Shastri has said. Dr Shastri is a Sanskrit scholar who has authored several books including Geeta aur Quran mein Samanyasya, Ved aur Quran se Mahamantra and Gayatri aur Surah Fatiha.

Asserting that Islam was no different from Sanatana Dharma, he pointed out that while Koran highlighted the importance of ‘Roza’ or fasting in leading a pious and virtuous life, the Gita in the Shlokas 59-62 of Part 2 elaborated the way and importance of Vrat (religious fasting). In Patanjali’s Yoga Darshan the importance and process of Namaz or offering prayers to the Almighty has been thoroughly elaborated. “While Koran emphasized on the importance of  Namaz, the Gita in Chapter eight explained the spirit in which it is to be done, Dr Khan said.

“What is Panchkarma (Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Aprigraha and Brahmacharya) in Jain, Buddhist and Yam in Hindu tradition is Hukukul Ibaad or Hukukul Naass (The right of humans) in Koran. And the five Niyam (Shauch, Santosh, Tap etc) are Hukukul Allah (the rights of the God) in Islam,” argued Khan. He further said that it is very easy to find the differences as all the humans dead and alive have their different fingerprints but difficult to find similarities which can be done only by following the path shown by our sages and great souls.

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