Saints and Seekers: Inayat Khan

Inayat Khan
Inayat Khan, 1882-1952

All these different scriptures and ways of worship and of contemplating God are given for one purpose: the realization of Unity.
~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Originally a trained veena musician, Inayat Khan was initiated into the Chisti Sufi order while living in India. Before his master’s passing he was told to go West and use his musical talents to spread and establish centers that taught Universal Sufism in various countries.

Universal Sufism promoted religious unity and emphasized interfaith harmony. Inayat Khan spent much of his life traveling the world in the early 1900’s. He lectured in places such as Africa, Europe, and the Americas, promoting the benefits of meditation, spiritual practice through Sufism,  and the oneness of all religions.

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