Hindu Muslim Unity: Religious leaders meet in Texas for interfaith discussion

leaders of various faiths discuss harmony
leaders of various faiths discuss harmony

In an effort to promote peace and tolerance, leaders from different religious backgrounds met in Midland on Wednesday night for an interfaith discussion. St. Nicholas’ Episcopal Church played host to leaders of the Baptist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Mormon faiths, and more than a hundred listeners.

“I’m reluctant to believe that any religion is wrong, so for me, it’s (about) finding a way to correlate every religion to the other religions,” said Adam Syed, a member of the audience and the Muslim Association of West Texas.“It was the plan of God that the world is a pluralistic place,” said Ali. “What he wants us to do instead of looking at pluralism and diversity as a problem, is look at it as an opportunity to benefit from the genius of other human beings and other cultures.”Read more: Communal Harmony

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