Hindu Muslim Unity: Hindu parents raise foster daughter as Muslim

Madhava and Lakshmi Reddy have raised Farzana as their own child according to Islamic traditions

HYDERABAD: There are still people around who stand by values, pluralism and tolerance. Madhava Reddy and his wife Lakshmi Reddy are perhaps the best hope for humanity. When they marry off their daughter Farzana on Sunday, they will have set a new benchmark for secularism. The girl, who lost her parents at an early age, could not have asked for better foster parents.

When none of her relatives came forward to adopt her, Madhava Reddy took her in his care. The Reddy couple, who have two sons, took an instant liking for Farzana. They not merely showered love and affection on her but brought her up according to Islamic traditions. Apart from giving her modern education, they ensured that Farzana was not deprived of Islamic teachings.

“We never forced our religion on her but allowed the girl to perform ‘namaz’, read the Quran and observe fast during Ramzan,” says foster father Madhava Reddy.

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