Hindu Muslim Unity: Muslims organize Hindu yatra for over 100 years

Jagannath Temple, Puri
Jagannath Temple, Puri

ORISSA: Close on the heels of the show of communal amity by inhabitants of Mohalla village in Kendrapara district on Rath Yatra day, yet another example of religious harmony was witnessed at Remada village in Orissa’s Jharsuguda district on Friday. The village, having a population of about 1,000, was the scene of camaraderie among local tribals and Muslims, who have joined hands to organise Rath Yatra every year for nearly 100 years now. In fact, the village headman (locally known as gountia), Mohammed Zamiullah, takes upon himself the task of organising the festival.

Hindus also reciprocated the feelings of the minority community in ample measure by joining their festivals. Mohammed Khalil and Maulana Mustquim Khan, gountias of the village have also written many plays and prayers based on Hindu lore, Hassan said.

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