Hindu Muslim Unity: Biryani Baba has fed over ten million

Biryani Baba has been feeding people for 40 years
Biryani Baba has been feeding people for 40 years

VIZIANAGARAM: Attaullah Shariff Shataj Khadiri Baba, popularly known as “Biryani Baba”, has been feeding biryani to the poor for the decades  in Vizianagaram and Cheemalapadu of Krishna district.

When assessed, this comes to  to be around one crore (ten million) people in the last 40 years. Mr Baba, 78, has continued the  legacy of his  guru Khadar Baba who  passed away 40 years ago.

Mr Baba, who shuttles between  Vizianagaram and  Cheemalapadu Dargah,  blesses the people who  believe in him and offers them anna prasada at  Langar Khana on the dargah premises.  Mr Baba himself participates in cooking the biryani.  Everyday, at least a thousand people eat in Cheemalapadu and Vizianagaram.

Mr Baba said, “I am just providing meals to the needy. With the help of donors and devotees, the programme continues smoothly. I don’t believe in  religion or castes, I  appeal to the public to help the poor. I believe that  service to  humans is equal to service to God.”

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  1. krishna says:

    This man is fraud ! Fools people from remote areas with his magic tricks takes advantage of people’s emotions and gives false suggestions which shattered the lives of many families. To make money and not to get noticed by media this fraudulent guy claims he is no god men but serving poor..Then why do he have to perform magic tricks ? Shame media promotes such guys with out checking facts.

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