Hindu Muslim Unity: 5 ways yoga is a basic practice for Muslims

comparing Muslim prayer to Yoga
comparing Muslim prayer to Yoga

Salat, or prayer, should be performed very consciously and deliberately, both physically and spiritually. There is a lot of discussion on the spiritual significance of Salat. The physical significance, however, is often overlooked.

Once during Sujood (prostration), I couldn’t help but become distracted and wondered, ‘Wait, this is just like a Yoga pose…’ I was never committed to yoga, but I was familiar with its benefits and always said I’d do it more often. Without a doubt, my favorite position was Balasana, or the child’s pose. It’s almost identical to Sujood. I started drawing parallels between yoga and other positions of Salat. To my surprise, all of them were covered in beginner level yoga! Here you’ll find Salat positions along with their most similar yoga positions and their health benefits

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  1. MuslimYogini says:

    Such a lovely endeavour, to bring Hindus and Muslims together. Despite darker moments in their history, Hindus and Muslims have come together and produced such beautiful things over the years. I work with Sufi Yoga, and I find it is a true testament to how cultures can enrich each other if they rise above their fear of what is unlike themselves.

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