Hindu Muslim Unity: Urdu poets celebrate Krishna

Muslim mothers dress their children like baby Krishna (source: The Quint)

Love, whether it is for the creator – `Ishq e Haqeeqi` or for its creation – `Ishq e Majazi` has no affiliation. It is a strong attraction that takes you closer to your beloved. And what better can describe the expression of love than beautiful words loaded with emotions in the form of poetry.”Krishna happened to be one of the favourite personalities for poets for centuries. Several ancient poets dedicated a collection of dohas to Krishna,” says Jauhar Kanpuri, a noted Urdu poet.

Under the Chishti Sufi saints, a new genre of literature called `Premakhya` was developed in line with the Persian Mathnavi tradition. It talked about the Sufi philosophy of “Ishq e Haqeeqi” (love for the divine).

“The literature was written in Awadhi and aimed at the local populace and drew from local imagery and folklore plus devotion and asceticism. Not surprising Krishna became a popular figure in this literature. The Gopis symbolised the devotee while Lord Krishna symbolised the divine,” informs the author and historian Rana Safvi.

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