Hindu Muslim Unity: Muslim pushes Michigan to recognize Hindu Diwali

source: Times of India

LANSING, MICHIGAN: Tahera Trust founder Zahara Begum arduously worked to get permission from Senator of Michigan to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Zahara Begum, who hails from Guntur, said that the Hindu leaders of various communities planned to celebrate Diwali in a traditional manner like in India at Michigan but the local laws did not permit them to burst firecrackers.

Recalling that Muslims would participate in Hindu festivals honouring each other’s religions, Zahara stated that Muslims mingle with Hindus in the Diwali and other festivals reflecting rich communal harmony under the Unity in Diversity tradition of India. She said that Diwali has great spiritual significance as Festival of Lights and the inner meaning of light is knowledge and Lord Buddha said in a different way ‘Atma Deepo Bhava’ to light the lamp (self) within, that brings the supreme bliss.

Zahara said being a Muslim, she trusts that religion has nothing to do while sharing happiness and real happiness come when we celebrate festivals of each other honoring religions. She added that the Senate House gave permission for Diwali which is first of its kind in Michigan and they would celebrate Diwali without language, religion, caste and creed barriers

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