Hindu Muslim Unity: Ram Kathas in Urdu

depiction of Sita
depiction of Sita

LUCKNOW:  This one’s all set to be an unconventional exhibition. The culture department of Uttar Pradesh government will host a four-day exhibition featuring Urdu “granth” (religious texts) depicting Ram Kathas – the story of Lord Ram as told in Ramayana — from October 14 to 18 this year. A government order was issued through the state’s web portal on July 22. The order says it will focus on “urdu granthon mein ram katha ka chitran” (depiction of Ram Katha in Urdu religious texts). The order, issued by special secretary to the department of Culture, Ram Vishal Mishra, to director, department of culture, Anita Meshram, has also sanctioned Rs 47,000 towards making arrangements for the exhibition.


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